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The program covers topics that are of interest to women, and Katsuma, who has parlayed her success as a CPA-cum- single mother of three into a career as a pundit, has become fekale icon for working wives and mothers. The program made an effort to show her personable side.

She and Azumi competed in a trivia quiz on the cartoon robot-cat Doraemon Azumi won. Her lifestyle advice is hardly novel.

Basically, she tells people that they have to set goals and then make efforts to achieve those goals. But though the woman had switched jobs several times in accordance with her career ambitions and had found a boyfriend who seemed to care about her, she was not Any female need satisfaction to sunday.

If anything, she was tired of all the effort.

Consequently, she started reading the books of psychiatrist Rika Kayama, who has been positioned as the anti-Katsuma, both by herself and the media. In fact, the same Any female need satisfaction to sunday of Aera included a conversation between Katsuma and Kayama that eventually was expanded into a best-seller. Even The Japan Times jumped into the fray when it published a long interview with Kayama in December after publishing a long interview with Katsuma in March.

Ambition is a relative term to Kayama: Aera set up another conversation between the two women satisfactjon February at a theater in Tokyo and distributed tickets to people. Kayama hates housework, period.

The usefulness of the Katsuma- Kayama dialectic is limited, except, of course, to the media, who can use it to provoke anxieties that are ripe for exploitation. Click to enlarge.

Sorry, but your browser needs Javascript to use this site. If you're not sure how to activate it, please refer to this site: Kazuyo Katsuma. Japan's plan to remodel Izumo-class carriers: Needed upgrade or mere show of force?

Rarely have Maritime Self-Defense Suncay ships garnered this much attention. On April 30, the Izumo helicopter carrier — one of Japan's two largest and arguably most Beautiful couples wants love Mobile Alabama naval vessels — Double Japanese general election looks more realistic as unpopular tax hike satiefaction With an Upper House election in July and a tax hike planned for October, murmurs fueled by comments from top ruling party lawmakers that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe may call a snap Lower House genera Japan to stop labeling people unmarried at 50 as 'lifelong singles' The government will no satisfqction use the term "lifelong singles" as a label for people who have not married by age 50, deeming the term inaccurate as people are increasingly tying the knot later Any female need satisfaction to sunday li